Tracking coin ranking website traffic for user growth

Many investors in the Blockchain space frequently check token tracking websites for quick glance price updates. To gauge the relative growth of new users into the ecosystem, an interesting metric to consider is tracking web traffic analytics for user growth over time.

We like viewing the top token tracking sites in aggregate to filter for change in user preferences over time. Regardless of which token tracking website users prefer, we want to see if the total number of users across sites is increasing or stalling.

As the price of the underlying tokens depends on new money entering the space, this is an excellent place discover more than the basic search interest Google Trends offers.

Let's go one level deeper into users who actively follow the prices and make trades. Statistics from these websites indicate users are either invested in the space, or seriously considering an investment. 

We have used the website for this analysis. Consider trying their product with a free basic account if you are curious about digging further into the details.

The most trafficked token ranking site shows slower growth since peaking around the price surge in June.

The active user count on Coingecko seems to mirror the overall marketcap of the space fairly closely. Dipping during pullbacks, and increasing during pumps.


Growth is in a rapid linear ascent. 


Other interesting findings to explore further in future articles.

News sites

A large news site focused on cryptocurrencies such as

Individual projects

Looking into individual projects to gauge growth is an important metric. seems to have peaked in popularity coinciding with the price increase and subsequent fall. 


Potentially the most important macro indicator of all to gauge the pulse of new users actively entering the space. shows consistent growth while has leveled out. Exchanges should also be viewed in aggregate to reduce variation in user preference over time.

Further Reading is an interesting real time tool to see how many fiat dollars are being converted into digital currencies.